South Fremantle Power Station


City of Cockburn

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Robb St Coogee

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Formerly Hamilton Hill. Lot 3.

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Construction Date

Constructed from 1946, Constructed from 1951

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Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents
Heritage List Adopted 14 Jul 2011
State Register Registered 08 Jun 2021 HCWebsite.Listing+ListingDocument, HCWebsite.Listing+ListingDocument

Heritage Council Decisions and Deliberations

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(no listings)

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management
Aboriginal Heritage Sites Register Permanent
Municipal Inventory Adopted 10 Apr 2014 Category A

Statement of Significance

South Fremantle Power Station demonstrates the strong expression of a structure specifically designed for an industrial process. South Fremantle Power Station is a good example of an Art Deco industrial structure, being the largest one to be built in Western Australia. South Fremantle Power Station housed the first major power generating equipment in the State specifically designed to generate alternating current at the Australian and British Standard Frequency of 50 Hz.

Physical Description

South Fremantle Power Station is a high-volume, steel framed building, representing a late Art Deco industrial design. The external steel frame is clad in concrete rendered and painted with a predominantly vertical window treatment continuous between levels in the recessed bays between columns. Steel window frames throughout are clear glazed.


Construction of South Fremantle Power Station commenced in 1946. The Minister for Electricity, David Brand, officially opened it in June 1951. South Fremantle Power Station worked in conjunction with the East Perth Power Station to supply the Metropolitan area with power. Much of the machinery in the Power Station was designed and manufactured in England. A major fire occurred at the power station in 1954. Though only structural damage occurred, the fire was the catalyst to the change from coal to oil fuel for the station. During the mid-1970s however, South Fremantle Power Station reverted back to coal. In the 1980s extensions to the Muja Power Station, located near the coal supplies at Collie, led to the closure of both the East Perth and South Fremantle Power Stations. As production of electricity had become uneconomical at these sites, East Perth closed in 1981 and South Fremantle in 1985. Since 1994 the Power Station has had its plant and equipment removed and the workshops, amenities building, canteen and ash pump chamber have been transferred or demolished. A part of the contract for readying the building for any future occupancy was the removal of all asbestos materials. Although a number of proposals have been made for the building, including hotel or marine museum, continued deterioration is the only prospect unless a useful tenancy can be achieved.






Name Type Year From Year To
W.H. Taylor, General Manager of WA Government Electricity Supply Architect 1946 -


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Place Type

Individual Building or Group


Epoch General Specific
Present Use VACANT\UNUSED Vacant\Unused
Original Use GOVERNMENTAL Power Station

Architectural Styles

Inter-War Art Deco

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Wall CONCRETE Concrete Block
Roof CONCRETE Concrete Slab

Historic Themes

General Specific
DEMOGRAPHIC SETTLEMENT & MOBILITY Immigration, emigration & refugees
OUTSIDE INFLUENCES Water, power, major t'port routes
DEMOGRAPHIC SETTLEMENT & MOBILITY Resource exploitation & depletion
OCCUPATIONS Technology & technological change
SOCIAL & CIVIC ACTIVITIES Community services & utilities

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20 Dec 1993

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18 Dec 2019


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