Perth War Cemetery: Dutch War Cemetery


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Smyth Rd Karrakatta

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Karrakatta cemetery is being assessed April 2005

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Nederlandse Oorlogsgraven
Netherlands Annexe

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Constructed from 1950

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Commonwealth List YES

Heritage Council Decisions and Deliberations

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RHP - To be assessed Current

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 15 Apr 1999
Register of the National Estate Indicative Place
Statewide War Memorial Survey Completed 01 May 1996
Municipal Inventory Adopted 27 Apr 1999 Category A

Statement of Significance

The Dutch War Cemetery has aesthetic, historic and rarity cultural heritage significance. The walled area surrounded by garden is a peaceful memorial to a time of violence during World War 11. The Dutch War Cemetery is tangible evidence of some of the casualties of the first two Japanese air raids on Broome in March 1942. It is one of three non-Commonwealth war cemeteries within Australia.

Physical Description

There are 26 graves in a lawn setting, surrounded by brick walls. A plaque on the western wall was erected in memory of the people who died in 1942.


According to The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (1962, p.25), this is known as the Perth War Cemetery Netherlands Annexe, although it bears two inscriptions at its entry, one giving its name as 'Dutch War Cemetery', the other as 'Nederlandse Oorlogsgraven'. It is generally stated (Prime 1992, p.26; The Commonwealth War Graves Commission 1962, p.25; Tyler 1987, p.60) that there are 24-25 burials in this Cemetery, comprising 4 Dutch serviceman and 20-21 Dutch civilians, all of whom were killed at Broome or at Carnot Bay during the Japanese air raid of 3 March 1942 (see also Richards 1996, p.278). Research carried out for these Historical Notes shows that there are some errors of fact. Not all the deaths happened on 3 March, some succumbed to wounds over at least the next three days. Furthermore, there are actually 26 burials in this Cemetery, of which 5 civilian graves are recorded as 'unknown'. The 'additional' burial is that of Lieutenant D A Hendriksz, Royal Netherlands Army Air Force (whose military rank is commemorated on his grave plaque). His remains were not repatriated to Indonesia as stated by Tyler ( 1987, p.60) who incidentally says the opposite on p.118. Not connected with the air raid of 3 March is the grave of Abdul Hamed bin Juden, variously described as 'a Malay worker' (Prime 1992, p.27) or as 'Indonesian Dutch' (Tyler 1987, p.60), who was killed at Broome airfield during the later Japanese air raid of20 March 1942 (Prime 1992, p.27: Tyler 1987, p.lO). All these remains were originally buried in the Pioneer Cemetery at Broome where there is now a commemorative plaque. The four who died at Carnot Bay over 3 - 6 March were initially buried on the beach but were exhumed in mid-April 1942 by an Army team and interred near the other Dutch at Broome. All Dutch remains at Broome were exhumed in January 1950, with most being reinterred at Karrakatta in February (Prime 1992, p.26; Tyler, 1987, Appendix D). Each grave is marked by a bronze plaque set on a small stone. All plaques show the date of death as 3 March 1942, which is not correct for at least four of the persons. This Cemetery, which was created by the Australian Government, is maintained by Office of Australian War Graves staff. It is only one of three nonCommonwealth wnr cemeteries in Australia, the other two being the Tatura (German) War Cemetery in Victoria (250 graves) and the Cowra (Japanese) War Cemetery in New South Wales (523 graves).





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K3(b) LGA Place No

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Original Use MONUMENT\CEMETERY Cemetery
Present Use MONUMENT\CEMETERY Cemetery

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OUTSIDE INFLUENCES World Wars & other wars

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10 Jun 1999

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31 Dec 2016


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