Permanent pools in the Ashburton River


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Ashburton River

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through Minderoo Station

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Ten Mile Pool
Three Mile Pool, Five Mile Pool and

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 17 Aug 1999 Category C

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The Three, Five and Ten Mile Pools are permanent pools int he Ashburton River. They have aesthetic, historic and social heritage significance. the pools are valued by the local community and tourists alike as an oasis for camping, picnics and swimming in a mostly dry and remote area. History shows the pools were important to the early pioneer settlers for wool washing as well as recreation. The fresh water was protected by ht ebuilding of a levy at the Three Mile Pool site.

Physical Description

The permanent pools along the Ashburton River are large and never dry out. access to the pools varies as sometimes the banks are very steep while at other points, the banks slope gently down to the water's edge. Gum trees grow along the river's edge provide shade for locals and tourists who visit the pools.


The permanent pools in the Ashburton play an important part in the history of an area known for it's lack of water in the dry season. The pools' names of Three Mile, Five Mile and Ten Mile indicate the distance from the Old Onslow town site. The water remains fresh and untainted by salt water owing to the levy built near the Three Mile Pool which prevents salt water encroaching up the river. The original weir built by Mervyn Forrest in the 1930's was made of brush and was not salt proof. Some 40 years later Don Forrest commissioned Bill Shanks of Northern Transport Co to build a stone weir. Their team of workers included Bill Bell and Sam Fullbrook who helped with the concrete and quarrying. The Ten Mile Pool is also known as Camel Pool. This was the campsite used by the teamsters as their frist stop after leaving Old Onslow. The teamsters chose their site for it's excellent water and grazing capacity. Though located on private land, on Mideroo Station, the pools are open to the public and the roads are maintained by the Shire of Ashburton. The Three Mile Pool is frequently used for camping. The Ten Mile Pool was apparently the source of water for a peanut farm and vegetable garden (now both defunct), but the Five Mile Pool is considered the most popular by local people. The Five Mile Pool is an oasis for picnics and swimming.


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C Day;"Oral history given by Trevor Wright, Shire of Ashburton". 13 January 1999
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OCCUPATIONS Rural industry & market gardening

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28 Jan 2000

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