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Point Lautour


Shire of Harvey

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Barnes Avenue (closest access) Australind

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Brunswick River junction of Collie River

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South West

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 25 Oct 2015 Category 4

Category 4

Little significance DESCRIPTION • Does not fulfil the criteria for entry in the TPS Heritage list. DESIRED OUTCOME • Photographically record prior to major development or demolition. Recognise and interpret the site if possible.

Statement of Significance

• The place has historic value for its association with the first land grant in the area in 1830 to Colonel Peter Augustus Lautour.
• A tree on the site has research value as a potentially it is a tree used in a survey in 1879.

Physical Description

Point Lautour is located at the junction of the Collie and Brunswick Rivers and is a landscape of mature trees and scrub. A large casuarina tree is faintly marked with two horizontal lines. On the eastern side of the point is an area of shallow water and swamp vegetation.


Point Lautour is named after the original land owner of the large portion of land north of the Collie River. Colonel Peter Augustus Lautour was an Anglo French military officer who made a significant investment in the Swan River Colony. He never visited the colony but his representative Richard Wells selected a holding of 103,000 acres known as Wellington Location 1 in 1830.

His land was transferred to The West Australian Company which was responsible for the establishment of the settlement at Australind. Some of the first settlers who were part of the scheme were Lautour's indentured servants.

A survey of the land was undertaken in 1840 by surveyor H.M.Ommaney and in his fieldbook the name is first recorded as Point Lautour.

In 1879, it was noted in The West Australian that the land was being transferred to Benjamin Piggott and the description of the lot includes a reference to a tree on the point marked with two horizontal lines as a survey reference marker. It is believed that this tree still exists on the site.

The swampy land to the east of the Point is known as the "mier" a Nyoongah word.





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14 Dec 2020

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