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Three Lime Kilns Group


City of Cockburn

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Cockburn Rd & Beeliar Dr Coogee & Munster

Location Details

Lot 2 Mayor Road, Munster. Lot 700 Cockburn Road, Coogee. Lot 48 Cockburn Road, Coogee.

Other Name(s)

Coogee Lime Kilns
Munster Lime Kiln
Tylee Lime Kiln

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Construction Date

Constructed from 19015, Constructed from 1984

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Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
Heritage List Adopted 14 Jul 2011
State Register Registered 17 Feb 2006 Register Entry
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Heritage Council

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Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 10 Apr 2014 Category A

Category A

Exceptional significance Essential to the heritage of the locality. Rare or outstanding example. The place should be retained and conserved unless there is no feasible and prudent alternative to doing otherwise. Any alterations or extensions should be sympathetic to the heritage values of the place and in accordance with a Conservation Plan (if one exists for the place).

Statement of Significance

Three Lime Kilns Group is a rare remaining example in the Metropolitan Area of early 20th century lime kilns.
Three Lime Kilns Group was instrumental in the economic development of Cockburn.
Three Lime Kilns Group is associated with prominent lime merchants Joseph Tylee and Thomas Briggs and R. J. Rowland, and with the men who worked at the kilns, in particular Yugoslav and Italian migrants.
Three Lime Kilns Group are good representative examples of their type.
Coogee Lime Kilns has a landmark quality in its prominent location at the edge of open, level ground beside Cockburn Road.
Three Lime Kilns Group has the archaeological potential to reveal information about the lime burning industry.

Physical Description

Three Lime Kilns consists of Coogee Lime Kilns, Tylee Lime Kiln and Munster Lime Kiln.
The Kilns were constructed for the purpose of heating limestone to affect the chemical process for converting limestone into quicklime. The Kilns are utilitarian structures, with the form determined by the requirements of the lime burning process.
Coogee Lime Kilns are located near the western edge of Len McTaggart Park, a reserve that runs beside Cockburn Road. The reconstructed Kilns are a two chamber kiln constructed of limestone.
Tylee Lime Kiln is around 250 metres to the south of Coogee Lime Kilns. The kiln is concealed within an area of densely planted trees on the eastern edge of the Cockburn Road reserve beside the western edge of Powell Reserve. The structure consists of a single chamber that has been filled with soil. Only the west side of the kiln is visible. The west wall is about 3 m high and is built predominately of limestone. It has a brick base.
Munster Lime Kiln is located at the western end of the Munster Wastewater Pumping Station in Beeliar Drive. The structure consists of a single chamber measuring 5 m by 3 m wide and about 3 m high.


The process of burning limestone used in these kilns fired by wood was similar to Roman kilns. Lime kilns in Cockburn were fired with logs up to eight feet in length and blackboys; layers of lime and fuel were carted to a level with the top of the kiln and tipped into the opening which was closed by galvanised iron, as was the small opening below once the kiln was alight. It burnt continuously for 48 hours. Early kilns were constructed on the site of the limestone quarry and timber and blackboys were transported to it by horse and cart. Later, timber was brought by rail to Robbs Jetty siding for the kilns along the old coast road, and lime was transported to the goldfields by rail. Later again, with motor transport, kilns were once again constructed away from the railway line in Spearwood.


INTEGRITY: Unable to be used as kilns
AUTHENTICITY: High, although some reconstruction of Coogee Lime Kilns




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"National Estates Study".

Place Type

Historic site


Epoch General Specific
Original Use MINING Other
Present Use VACANT\UNUSED Vacant\Unused

Architectural Styles

Other Style

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Wall STONE Limestone

Historic Themes

General Specific
OCCUPATIONS Mining {incl. mineral processing}
DEMOGRAPHIC SETTLEMENT & MOBILITY Immigration, emigration & refugees
OCCUPATIONS Commercial & service industries

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22 Dec 1997

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16 Dec 2019


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