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Shire of Mundaring

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Hudman Rd Boya

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Note: P16787 Mountain Quarry (fmr) was also known as Boya Quarry in an earlier period however this is a separate place to Government Quarries (fmr)

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Boya Quarry/ies, Darlington Quarry
Hudman Road Quarry

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Heritage List YES 08 Mar 2016
State Register Registered 07 Sep 2006 Register Entry
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Classified by the National Trust Adopted 11 Apr 2005

Heritage Council
Municipal Inventory Adopted 22 Apr 1997 1 - Exceptional significance

1 - Exceptional significance

Rare or outstanding example; essential to the heritage of the locality Expectations: The place should be retained and conserved. Any alterations or extensions should reinforce the significance of the place and be in accordance with a Conservation Plan if one is in place.

Statement of Significance

The quarry sites of the Shire of Mundaring have varying degrees of significance; however, several have very high social, historic and scientific significance for their role in the development if important, landmark projects in the State including the Fremantle Harbour project, ballast for Stat Railway lines, Kings Park Memorial, Perth GPO, Commonwealth Bank (Forrest Place) and Council House. Over the years, the quarries were important local industries. Over the years, the quarries were important local industries for the region generally and a significant source of employment of convict and immigrant labour.

Physical Description

The physical description of these quarries varies considerably and today several of them no longer exist as they have been filled in or revegetated. The most significant physically and visually are the quarries at Boya and Greenmount, in particular Mountain Quarry at Boya, which has sheer rock faces used recreationally today for rock climbing, abseiling and as examples for geological studies.

Boya Quarry: situated 2-3 kms south-east of Greenmount Quarry site are the remnants of two quarries which were important sources of granite.


For almost 100 years, quarries in the area now covered by the Shire of Mundaring were important contributors to the transport and building activiites of Perth and other parts of the State. The most significant of these quarries were at Greenmount, Boya, Snith's Mill (Glen Forrest), Parkerville and mahogany Creek. The quarries supplied crushed granite for road making and rail ballast, rocks for harbour works and granite blocks or slabs for buildings. In other cases gravel (laterite) was mined and used principally for road making.

These two quarries were important sources of granite. Eventually both quarries provided blue metal for road base and rail ballast; however, in 1892, when work began on the Fremantle Harbour Scheme, rocks from Boya Quarry were used ro strengthen the limestone north and south moles, The Boya Quarry was south-east of the railway line at the eastern end of what is now Hudman Road. By July 1901, there were about 150 workers living in the area in hessian and iron huts. Their children travelled on the Eastern Railway ti school at Smith's Mill. When the Fremantle harbour works were completed in 1897, the quarry was leased to a Mr Doyle of Boya Quarry and Gravel Comapny Limited. The name 'Boya' was given to the railway siding and is said to be the aboriginal word for 'rock'. Despite Doyle's company going into liquidation in 9110, the Boya Quarry operated intermittently until 1948. In February 1988, the quarry was the setting for several performances for the 9 hour Hindu epic "The Mahabharata", dire


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Linked to 16617 Greenmount Quarry; 16618 Mahogany Creek Quarry; 16787 Mountain/Boya Quarry; 8558 Glen Forrest Quarry; Lacey's Quarry, Parkerville Quarries.

State Heritage Office library entries

Library Id Title Medium Year Of Publication
7217 Images CD No. 25a : assessment images : Statham's Quarry; Govt. Quarries. C D Rom 2004
6999 Images CD No. 25 : Sacred Heart Church and School, Statham's Quarry, Darlington Quarry, Leithdale. C D Rom 2004

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Present Use PARK\RESERVE Park\Reserve

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DEMOGRAPHIC SETTLEMENT & MOBILITY Resource exploitation & depletion
OCCUPATIONS Mining {incl. mineral processing}
TRANSPORT & COMMUNICATIONS Rail & light rail transport

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24 Oct 2003

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10 Feb 2017


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